B 90 Days Week 8/ Day 50 Check In

WOW! Here we are at DAY 50!!!!

Stick a bookmark in your Bible and see how far we have come together… Pretty cool, huh?

Keep it up and it won’t be long before you will have read the entire Bible, cover to cover.

I am so proud of each of you for taking on this commitment and following through.

The reading ahead this week can be a bit challenging as we make our way through the books of the prophets. Be prepared to ‘press on’ after reading passages that you may not understand. Just keep reading and He will show you what you need to know when you need to know it.

Please check in by leaving a comment telling us where you are in the reading or linking to a blog post letting us know where you are in the reading (and linking back here).

Then join us on Twitter tonight from 8-9 CST to discuss the reading up through Day 49, or Isaiah 13:22.

A few things we’ll discuss tonight include:

  • Do you have any favorite Proverbs? If so, which ones?
  • Did any verses in Proverbs make you think of something differently?
  • Did Ecclesiastes open your eyes to any new perspectives on life?
  • A few different perspectives on Song of Songs

I hope all is going as well as can be for you and that you are enjoying this journey.

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  1. Lisa says

    I finally fell behind. I think I’m only a day behind, but haven’t checked to be sure. I’m so thankful that I read so far ahead before school started!

  2. Amanda A says

    I am a tiny bit behind, at Isaiah 10, but it will be no problem to catch up again tomorrow! I read four days worth today. It seems to work better for me to just let it slide on days that I am feeling frazzled, and then pick back up again to catch up when I am having a quieter day. The middle of Isaiah is how far I got when I did the read the Bible in one year schedule, so I’m looking forward to pushing past it and feeling like I have really accomplished something!! Since I don’t twitter, I wanted to share my favorite psalm – 133 about brothers living in unity!! I have two little boys who are constantly fighting, so this verse really made me laugh!!! :)

  3. Beth Smith says

    I am on schedule but with back to school not on Twitter as much. I will be able to really focus the next few weeks. I am so filled with his spirit these days.

  4. says

    I’m 4 days behind at the moment. Ted and I started the challenge together, but I will be finishing it alone. He got behind due to a busier than normal work schedule and just couldn’t catch up. He’s still reading and spending time with the Lord,though. So while I am disappointed, I’m choosing to count my blessings.

    I’m looking forward to the prophecy books ahead. Some I am familiar with and really like (Daniel, Isaiah); some I don’t think I’ve read in their entirety in all my years of Bible reading (Zechariah, Nahum), so it will be neat to see what I’ve been missing all this time.

  5. Jenna says

    Hanging tight! I got a couple of days behind at the end of the week (teacher starting school….need I say more?), but this weekend I was able to catch back up. God is good! I have been finding myself looking forward to my reading more and more. I find I am curious to find out what “happens next” or to get another “take” on a situation. Reading the Bible at this pace has been a wonderful experience. I feel as if I am starting to get the big picture and the people and their stories are easier to remember knowing what events surround them. I cannot thank you all enough for the prayers and encouragements. I don’t think I could have done this without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

  6. Adrienne says

    I’m a few days behind…having some unexpected trouble with Proverbs. I thought it would be easy to read but I’m having trouble reading large chunks of it at once. My brother is also in town visiting so I’ve lost a lot of my regular reading time. I know I’ll catch up but it’s a bit frustrating.

  7. says

    I’m three days behind–I was away last week and then came home to news of a close family friend’s death and uncertainty of my job. However, the Lord has been sovereign in that I’m reading passages today that are speaking to me and reminding me of the truth of Scripture. I plan to be caught up by the end of the week, though–I am committed to finishing on schedule.

  8. Jen C says

    I am around Psalm 112, and chugging on. School starts tomorrow, and since I’ll only have 1 at home in the afternoon, I should be able to work on catching up. At least I’m about 1/2 done!

  9. Lisa Schlenker says

    I just finished my reading today and am still 2 days ahead of schedule. We just finished our first week of school and I was concerned I would get behind but I didn’t. I am so excited.

  10. Jaycelyn says

    I am keeping on track so far, but it’s really tempting to pause and dig deeper. I should be highly motivated to study when we’re done. A wonderful thing!

  11. Tiffany says

    A bit behind this week. We’ve had a rough and trying week with the pregnancy and the kiddos going back to school, but praying hard to catch back up this week! Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Sherry says

    I am one day behind. My husband has been reading all along, and he is right on track! We can’t believe we are 1/2 way done! WOW!

    Thanks for all of your encouragement and for your prayers and for our mentor, Kristin. We couldn’t have done this without you all!

  13. Malisa P. says

    I am beginning Day 46, reading as much as I can to catch up. So excited to be halfway through the Bible, though! Thanks for all you do.

  14. says

    Last week when I checked in I was more than 10 days behind. I was discouraged and never came over to read your posts because I didn’t want to see your observations before I actually read the passage myself. Once I was getting to the end of the books of history I decided to do something to give me some hope of getting back into the game. I jumped ahead to where we were supposed to be (in the Psalms) and read the current day’s reading and then when that was done I went back and read the first of the missing days. I worked like that all week and I only have 3 more days of reading in the Psalms and I will be completely caught up …. maybe as early as Wednesday! After doubling and tripling reading on some days last week, I think just reading the passage for one day is going to seem easy for me …. once I get there. I’m glad I didn’t give up when it looked like I was too far behind to ever catch up.

  15. JudyH says

    I’m behind. I thought last week I’d be getting ahead a couple of days. I shouldn’t have said that! I’m now a few days behind. I’ll catch up though. No worries. I just need to sit down and do it!

  16. Abbey says

    I’m behind – way behind – but making a plan to get caught up. Determined to finish with everyone else on October 2!

  17. Kirsten says

    I am still striving to get caught back up with the rest of the group although I am not quite there yet. I have a prayer request please…My 6 month old cousin, Carson, passed away Friday evening from complications due to a fairly routine heart surgery that he had had the previous week. This little boy was perfect and precious going in and we are all completely devastated by this unexpected event. Please, if you can, pray for his parents and all the family that we get through this and remember our Lord throughout this trial. He will be burried Wednesday. Thank you

  18. Heidi says

    We just finished school for the day and I’m hoping to start reading today’s scriptures very soon. I did get a little behind last week. Saturday I spent some time catching up on the half of Thursday and all of Friday’s reading as well as Saturday’s reading. I found Psalms and Proverbs difficult to read. On to Isaiah 14.

  19. says

    I was just speaking with my in-laws yesterday about my 90 day quest – they are both in their 80’s and have NEVER read the bible aside from certain passages. I encouraged them both to try this. My MIL stated there is so much that she does not understand . . which I heartly agreed with . . . there is a lot that I just don’t understand . . . but indeed I am pressing on. I am currently a couple days lagging due to busy weekends, but I always catch up on Mondays! (I have 2 hours at cheer practice Mon & Tues)

  20. Beth says

    I still need to read today, but otherwise I am still on track! I have enjoyed the last 49 days and have gotten a much better overview of the OT than ever before!

  21. Julie Young says

    I am current!! hooray. Isaiah is very challenging, but loved hearing the phrophecy about Jesus’ birth. Day 50… who wouldve thunk it!!

  22. says

    caught up! psalms was kind of a struggle to get through, but i wanted to push through proverbs so i didn’t have to get convicted by all those verses about controlling your tongue. ;) we are definitely venturing into unknown territory for me with these prophet books. i’m excited! my next few weeks are filled with packing and moving and fall programs starting so CHOOSING to MAKE time to read will definitely be shooting to the top of my priority list! great job, ladies!

  23. says

    My trip to see family has been extended — my great-grandma passed away the other day at the age of 99. She knew the Lord and I was so thankful to be able to see her once more. I know where she is and I know she has her vision and hearing restored!

    My Bible reading is a bit behind, though. I think I am about 4 days behind. I still think I can finish by the end of August. That’s my goal, anyway! I am continuing through Romans today.

  24. Joline Walker says

    Day 50! I am still a couple of days behind, but I am no further behind (does that make sense). I fell behind early, caught up and slipped again. I have not fell behind anymore but have not fully caught up. I have decided to keep doing what I am doing and it will work out for me. I am so happy to be going along on this journey and am surprised at how emotional I have become while reading. Thank you for heading up this program for us.

    I look forward to signing up for your next 90 day too! (but first, I need to finish this one)


  25. Bev S. says

    Caught up…finally! Proverbs generated a fair amount of conviction, confession, and repentance. Praise God for His patience and mercy!

  26. Kimberly says

    Still in Psalms. I’m behind but not as far behind as I was last week! I’m looking forward to reading Proverbs, but Psalms is teaching me some humbling lessons regarding my personality (ahem). It’s not easy to admit or to come to the realization you need some tweeking in the personality department. :0)

  27. Sarah says

    I just finished Day 50’s Reading this morning. Today is the first day of class of my junior year of college. I’m going to truly have to make reading my Bible a priority as homework and essays start to pile up. I’m gonna finish. I’m gonna succeed. I’m gonna prove everyone wrong. I’m gonna grow in my relationship with God through the process.

  28. Alyce says

    Today I read Day 52. I have been able to get ahead with the kids back in school. I love using SOAP to keep me focused on what I’m reading.

  29. says

    Woo-hoo! So glad to be all caught up. Now I just pray I can stay caught up through the prophets. So far, Isaiah is going better than I thought it would. I love finding the references to Christ. It’s like an Easter egg hunt.

  30. Becky says

    I am a day behind. I am hoping to catch up tonight or at least by the end of the week. We start homeschooling next week and I pray that I dont get too overwehlmed and stay on track. I am not a morning person but I know this is the best time for me to have my quiet time, before the busyness of the day sets in.

  31. music_girl29 says

    I’m two days behind right now, but plan to double up today and tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that we’re over half-way there. I enjoyed reading through Psalms, but Proverbs slowed me down a little bit. I’m enjoying reading through parts I’ve never really read or studied before.

  32. Pamela S. says

    Day 50, wow, I can’t believe it! I’m on track and a couple of pages into tomorrow. My mind has been wandering through the last week of reading, but I’m getting through it.

  33. says

    I do feel better this week, for I made progress in my reading, I am behind only a couple of days. I am thinking I might need the extra 2 days of (grace) from the reading schedule.
    Many blessings,

  34. says

    Should just copy and paste from last week :) Still behind, still catching up, still committed to finishing on time with the group. School starts in less than 2 weeks, which will give me three weeks of school before our group deadline. I’ve dedicated that time to reading.

  35. Tammy B says

    Still on track. It is so exciting to see how far we have came. I was at a retreat with our youth leaders in the mountains this weekend and it was a wonderful time to read in solitude away from the hectic pace of the “real world”.

  36. says

    I am on track this week. In fact, on Saturday night, I had some extra time while sitting with my Dad at the hospital, and I was so excited to be close to the new testament that I read ahead, and I am now on Day 68. SO excited to be almost done with the Old Testament. It hasn’t been easy for me to read this section of the Bible. Glad to be on to the GOOD NEWS!

  37. Anna B says

    Oh, it’s Monday again! I forgot about the check-in until I got to your blog in my reader. LOL!

    Well, I was a day and a half behind at the end of last week (I got sick!) but I spent a lot of time on Sunday evening getting caught up. Yay Sabbath! The Lord has gotten serious with me about really taking the Sabbath to rest and be with Him, not to do ‘just a few little chores’. I really look forward to the Sabbath now! I can visit family and just rest without feeling like I ‘should be doing’ something else. There’s very little that can’t wait until Monday. :-)

    Blessings all – and perservere! We’re almost there!

  38. says

    I am two days behind. {Ahem} To be honest, I was worried that Psalms would do that too me. They are all so similar that it was hard to feel like I was making progress. I’ll catch up, though. Promise.

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