Mas from Mexico

Day 3 (Monday)

*** This actually took place one week ago, but I decided to wait to post until I returned home. Hope you enjoy…

Although my entire mid-section was sore, I went back for more yogalates this morning. Ouch. But stronger abs mean a healthier, happier back. So I’m in for the week. Unless we decide on a sleep-in day. Which I think we might do tomorrow. But I digress…

Today was a lesson in preparedness packing. I ALWAYS pack rain ponchos for the kids. I have had the same unopened ponchos I bought at the dollar bins at Target years ago that I pack and pack and pack. And they never get used. Today we could have used them, but I left them at home this trip. Oops. So the boys got to play miniature golf with their buddies in the rain. At least it was only sprinkling. And only for a little while.

I lounged on the beach awhile, taking in some fiction, marveling at the fact that I get to be in such a beautiful place. While I was on the beach a waiter offered to fetch me a drink. How fantastic! But I said no thank you. I was feeling a little guilty. Over at Happy to be at Home it’s Face Time with the Kids month and there I was, basking in my lack of responsibility for the morning.

My husband and I decided to use the Kids Clubs as an opportunity for some grown up time and also as an opportunity to get to play with our kids one on one. Today he took the five year old to the beach.  I walked by the Mini Club and noticed lots of parents tie-dying with their children. Oops. I had forgotten about that. I found our seven year old on the playground and asked if he wanted to do the activity with me. “No thanks. I just want to play!” Okay then.  Back to the beach I went. I lounged some more and watched my husband splash in the waves with our middle guy. I also received lots of seashells as gifts from my sweet boy.

After the beach we picked up the other two and splashed in the pool until dinner time. They have a pretty big baby pool that’s 2 and a half feet deep. Just shallow enough for the little one and deep enough for the older two to still feel cool.

Tonight after dinner the entertainment was a circus show starring the children ages 4 and older.  It was a lot of fun watching not only our own children, but all the kiddos doing tricks and hamming it up on stage. I love the way Club Med encourages the kids to perform and lets them be silly and applauded wildly. I think both our boys enjoyed their time in the spotlight and our youngest loved watching them.

During the show I was able to prove to myself that, although I failed the rain poncho test in the morning, I passed the flashlight test. The power went out for a few minutes during the show and has flickered a few times since. But I’ve got my trusty flashlight I always pack (even this time).

Overall, today was another relaxing day of vacation. I got to read on the beach, nap in a comfy bed, watch my husband be a fun dad, splash in the pool with all my kids, watch my little performers and eat delicious food.  And I didn’t have any chores to do. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

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