Sales of Smashburger’s new raspberry shake to benefit Susan G. Komen

Komen Raspberry Shake.jpg

One of my favorite easy-peasy and delicious restaurants for the family, Smashburger, is offering something new and delicious to help battle breast cancer. Sip a raspberry milkshake this October at any Smashburger location and forty cents will be donated to Susan G. Komen to help end breast cancer, with Smashburger committing to a minimum donation of $25,000 in support […]

Picking wine is about to get a LOT easier


A few weeks ago I brought you up to speed on another project I’ve been developing with our team at VineSleuth. We’re getting closer to our beta launch, so I wanted to let you know you can be an insider and sign up to be one of our very first beta testers over at Wine4.Me. […]

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