Adjusting to new babies


Last week I met a mom of two who is expecting her third child soon. (She blogs over at I Still Hate Pickles, and she just released an Ebook of Devotions for Lent, in case you were wondering or need a new devotional guide.) Well, anyway, as it turned out, the timing of her three children very closely resembles that of my own… except I have a few years on her. When she told me her children’s ages and her […]

DIY Christmas Decor: Dining Table Decor


A decorated dining table always makes a Christmas meal seem a bit more festive. Setting a pretty table really doesn’t have to be that complicated. It can be as simple as gathering a few items and grouping them together. Here are a few DIY ideas that we’ve spotted online that can add some sparkle to your Christmas table. Easy Festive Centerpiece from Christmas Your Way: Myra from My Blessed Life and Christmas Your Way gives a super easy tutorial to create […]

“1,000 Places to See Before You Die” giveaway on MomsTravelTales

1000 Places To See

Do you dream of travel? I know I sure do… and I love to make it a reality, as well. Over on my family travel site,, I’m hosting a giveaway of the latest edition of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die for three lucky readers. This book is quite a listing of spectacular destinations worldwide, with an amazing collection of cites right here in the USA. I’ll be visiting one of them with my kids before the contest […]

Camp Care Packages

Summer Camp Care Packages

  Summer is in full swing, which means it is also the season for camp care packages. I remember waiting for mail call as a camper, wondering if I would be lucky enough to score a care package. We weren’t allowed to get food in our packages, but I had a friend who was a master at the false bottom and she’d always send tons of candy hidden below the cardboard and confetti. She also sent a party mix tape (this […]

Spelling and the Dictionary

Spelling and the Dictionary

My son just came up to me and asked me how to spell “diamond.” I started to spell it for him, but then I told him to use the dictionary. “How am I supposed to use the dictionary if I don’t know how to spell it?” he said. I had to smile and laugh inwardly because I remember having that very same question many, many years ago. And I am so thankful I was still told to use the dictionary […]

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