Hi, I’m Amy, & I have a Bible blog & a wine blog…

Amy VS Headshot

Yep, that’s me. And I admit just posting that photo here puts a little fear in my heart. But I’ve got to push past it and let you know a bit more about me. Wanna know what all too often keeps me from doing me best? It’s fear. And these are my two biggies: Fear of failure (What happens if I give it my all and no one likes it??) Fear of people not liking me (Oh my goodness how […]

Donor Milk premiers March 1 in Houston


Donor Milk, a documentary exploring the donation of breastmilk through the eyes of grieving and giving mothers, premiers Thursday, March 1, at River Oaks Theater in Houston. I breastfed my three babies because I felt it was the best option for them and I was fortunate to have an amazing obstetrician who educated me before my first child’s birth and answered all of my questions as I learned. I was also fortunate in that each of my births went well, […]

Please consider supporting me as I bike against Multiple Sclerosis

MS 150

It’s not often I ask for monetary support from my readers. But Multiple Sclerosis is still taking its toll on too many and MS 150 season is upon us. I am always amazed at those of you who contribute and blown away by your support in the form of prayers and sweet, sweet notes. So here comes the big ask again this year… Yikes! This Saturday it will only be EIGHT WEEKS until the MS 150, when I’ll cycle 180 […]

I’d love to see you at 2:1!


Do you want to use your blog to reach out for the Lord? Are you already doing that and want to connect with others who are, too? If so, come see me at the 2:1 Conference this April 27-29 near Washington, DC. The conference has been created to equip homeschool families, and, although I do not homeschool, I am thrilled that I still was invited to be a part of the speaking team and share my story. I’ll share what […]

My experience with laparoscopic surgery


That was my view last Wednesday as I was wheeled to pre-op before I spent 3 hours in surgery having 2 liters drained from a mystery cyst on my liver. I had my thank you note and tape and a box of doughnuts to share. And I had my brave face on. I’ll back up a bit… Back in October I started having heartburn and reflux and intended to get it looked at, but trips and life kept getting in […]

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