Today’s #Gifts (5/19/2104)


It amazes me the gifts I receive from our Father every single day. Every day is not perfect (in my eyes) and yet daily He reminds me that He loves me– in big and little ways. Here are a few gifts from today: Did you see all of that room? On my flight home from […]

I saw God yesterday (5/9/2014)

Wow! He really has been everywhere lately! Or, perhaps I should say that I’ve noticed Him a lot more lately. I may not have shared all my sightings, but I’ve certainly seen God all over the place. Recording a few of those sightings and blessings He has been sharing has inspired me to see more. […]

I saw God yesterday (4/25/2014)


I love identifying the blessings God sends my way. I may not get them all down, but it’s still been a blast recording a few and sharing them over the past few days. I hope I’m inspiring you to recognize blessings in your own life, big and small. Yesterday I saw God in the following […]

I saw God yesterday & the day before (4/23-24/2014)


The last 2 nights have been pretty full. Here are a few ways I’ve seen God over the last two days: Dear, sweet, honest childhood friends and the relationships we’ve kept over the years. Thanks, Jen, Laurie & Stacy for a great evening out Wednesday night– and for all the years leading up to it. […]

I saw God today 4/22/14

Today I saw God and His blessings in the following ways: I felt His smile while talking with my kids. My older son’s dry wit really makes me roll my eyes and laugh at the same time and wonder how that tiny baby has grown into this subtly witty guy who can be such a […]

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