Thanks for making me a finalist in the Foods From Chile contest!

Foods From Chile Blogger Contest

Guess what? Your votes made me a finalist in the Foods From Chile Next Top Blogger Contest, which means I’m one step closer to an amazing culinary adventure in Chile, thanks to you and your influence on my behalf! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yesterday I shot a video explaining why I think the judges should pick me, as each of the other 9 finalists did, as well. The judges will take a look at that and my entry post and […]

Gifted to Lead- Join me in reading?


I’m just starting to read Gifted to Lead, The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church by Nancy Beach of Willow Creek Community Church one chapter per day until I finish it. (There are only eight chapters, so it shouldn’t take long!!) No, I am not a leader in my church, but I feel as though I have been called to lead online and I know God has more plans for using me. This book was given to me […]

Becoming a working mom: Am I the only one feeling the tinges of guilt while I juggle?


This summer I began to feel the tinges of being a working mom. And it was really hard for me to reconcile. But, then again, quitting my job to become a mom, and then being that mom was hard for me, too. Let me back up. But just a bit. We aren’t going back to all of the adjusting to being a mom  stuff in the first place. But I will say that before I was a mom I LOVED […]

FREE Kindle publishing guide from Jeff Goins

Free guide to publishing on Kindle

Do you have something to say, something to share, something that might spark something in someone else? Have you ever thought about publishing your own book? Jeff Goins is offering a free download of his guide on how to publish on the Amazon Kindle. This guy knows what he is talking about, as he is making $3,500 a month off his own books on the Kindle and has been offered other book contracts. And he is also a real person […]

Thanking God and being amazed by our #B90Days team


God definitely has his Hand all over the Bible in 90 days program on MomsToolbox. No, I shouldn’t be amazed at that, but I am. When I picked the dates to host this session I knew it would be tough. I was hosting a three-day professional event in New York 2 weeks before our start date and I was heading to a conference for the five days before our start date. But I wanted to host and I wanted us […]

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