A Unique Experience, Thanks to Snooth


Blogging has brought many adventures to my life I never expected, and even a few once-in-a-lifetime-type things. This is actually my fourth blog to launch, and each blog has had its moments for inspiration and unique experiences. Some of those experiences, though, are more amazing than the others. Cinderella’s Castle In 2010, I was at […]

Gifted to Lead- Join me in reading?


I’m just starting to read Gifted to Lead, The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church by Nancy Beach of Willow Creek Community Church one chapter per day until I finish it. (There are only eight chapters, so it shouldn’t take long!!) No, I am not a leader in my church, but I feel […]

Becoming a working mom: Am I the only one feeling the tinges of guilt while I juggle?


This summer I began to feel the tinges of being a working mom. And it was really hard for me to reconcile. But, then again, quitting my job to become a mom, and then being that mom was hard for me, too. Let me back up. But just a bit. We aren’t going back to […]

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